MCM Geometric Abstract Retro Red Gray Black Mustard Brown and Green Sherpa Fleece Blanket

MCM Geometric Abstract Retro Red Gray Black Mustard Brown and Green Sherpa Fleece Blanket

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SKU: 18-211023275-01-60''x80''
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Unbelievably fluffy and warm - this high-quality cozy fleece blanket is impossible to leave behind, wherever one might go. The perfect size for snuggling on the couch, by the fireplace, or at outdoor events.
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: 100% Polyester
.: One side print
.: Plush backside
.: SIZE: We provide three sizes 

30x40'' for baby, 50x60'' for youth and 60x80'' for adults.

NOTE: This is a lightweight Sherpa Fleece. But don't let that fool ya! It is extremely warm, soft and cozy. This blanket also washes very well according to the care instructions on the label. Just beware if you have a pet, they will steal it, and you will have to get another one for yourself HA!

FULL DISCLOSURE: Most all my designs are created here in my home office on the design software I have years of experience with. When an order comes in from my shop it then goes to my USA printer. They in turn print the goods on textiles either from Vietnam or India , like where as most all textiles are from regardless of yarns, threads, or materials. My USA printer then ships them out to my customers. This is called a Print on Demand Shop. You will see many shops work in the same fashion these days. It is a very systematic system and works flawlessly most often. It reduces cost, mass-produced items, warehouses, overhead costs, and more postage costs that would be incurred by the customers. I have samples of all my designs listed in my shop in each category. If it didn't pass my quality control check, I certainly wouldn't pass it along to my customers😊